Domain scam email

I recently received an unsolicited email about a domain I had registered in the previous week. I think it is SPAM, because it has all the hallmarks of a script generated email and the text sounds like a scam, read on…

—-Original Message—-
From: companyname_removed []
Sent: 14 March 2006 18:18
To: [the whois email, not the email mentioned on the website, they never visited the site]
Subject: (sent 03/10/06) [US date format is used, but sender purports to be in Norway]

> Hello,
> What is your price for the domain mentioned in the subject line? [they are too lazy to mention the domain is the body because their script doesn’t support it]
> I’m very interested in this name.
> Did you get offers from other people already?
> I run a software company. We develop client-server systems and
> databases in MS SQL and Delphi [too much information, seems to be pure namedropping]. Buying and selling domain names is
> not my main business. Just another way to invest money and make
> additional income.
> Looking forward to do business with you.
> name_removed Ph.D. [real doctors don’t flaunt their titles]
> companyname_removed

It is likely that if I replied the sender would suggest I order a domain value “appraisal” from a party of his choice, maybe sedo (via an affilate link) or a appraisal mill.

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